An American Visit – Thanksgiving (Nov 28th)

On 28th November Neha, an American PHD student came to visit our class (8b).

When she entered the classroom the whole class was very excited. We had two presentation-groups. The first group told us and our guest about all the things we have already learned about the USA. The pledge of allegiance, a ritual of the schools in the USA and the things that happened around 9/11 were only two of them. The second group explained to Neha what she can do in Stuttgart, since she just moved here.

After that, Neha gave her presentation. She told us a lot about her home state Illinois and its capital city Chicago. But we also heard about the immigration of her family to the US. We could even try some Pumpkin Bread which she brought for us (a typical Thanksgiving dish) which tasted delicious.

After the presentations we could ask her plenty of our questions and she answered them. One question was about 9/11 and what Neha thought about it. She said that she had been young when the Twin Towers collapsed and she said that it had been terrible. After that, we wanted to know what Neha thought about German food. We talked about potato salad and bratwurst. We recommended Neha to try Rostbraten. Then, we asked what she works. Neha told us that she works as a scientist. She answered every question, which was pretty cool, and like that we could learn a lot about America.

After she had answered all of our question, we gave her a “Ritter Sport” Adventskalender as a present. She was very happy about it because Ritter Sport is one of her favorite German chocolates. After then we had to say goodbye because our lessons were over and we were and still are very thankful that she came to our class.