The American visit

Über die USA lernt man im Unterricht viel. Doch sich mit einem Amerikaner selbst zu unterhalten, eröffnet nochmals ganz andere Einblicke.

On Thursday, 6th December we got a visit from an American, his name is Alex. He lives with his sister, his mother and his father and his cat in New Jersey. Now he studies at a German university. He studies Nanophysics and then he visited our class in the PGH. He gave a presentation and we could ask him questions. Sadly this didn’t work very well, because we were very shy because someone from another country  and with another culture and traditions is with you in one room. We were scared to ask something too personal or that he thinks our English isn’t very good and he won’t understand us.

“Zum Glück” our teacher Ms Schöllkopf was also there and she helped us with the questions. After the interview we went to a buffet we had prepared and ate some muffins and “Plätzchen” with Punsch and Coffee. Then we “verabschiedeten” us and it was a nice day.

Lilli Pletikapa


Cultural Classroom: Our Nikolaus from the States

On Thursday the 6th December our class had the awesome opportunity to have an American visit us in our Geography lesson. He gave us a detailed insight into his life and what it was like growing up in the United States. Afterwards we had the chance to ask any burning questions we had, and he answered them all willingly and with an open mind. We learned a lot about American culture and politics. Also with our visitor being a scientist he could answer some interesting questions on things like Global Warming. At the end we had snacks and drinks. It was a really cool, interesting and fun experience. I would love to do it again if I could, and I think it’s a really great way to teach students about other cultures. We thank Alex for giving this awesome interview.

Amelie Krueger